Natalie Shau

I came across this visual artist a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with her art! It's haunting yet beautiful! As a digital artist I admire her creativity and hope to one day be just as good as her.
Natalie Shau uses a mixture of different art styles. She uses photography, digital art, and 3D elements. Natalie says that her inspiration comes from religious imagery, folklore, and classic horror novels.
Natalie is a very hard working artist and she still surprises me with her new artworks. She has worked with many fashion designers, magazines, and musical groups.
I really like how Natalie sticks to her style and isn't influenced by mainstream media. I also like the correlation with the dark occult classic style along with the beautiful fashion that is pictured throughout her work. It makes a very nice contrast on the eyes, especially with her color manipulations. I will admit sometimes her art can get a little too dark for me, but none the less she still is a talented artist.
I can't wait for my computer to be fixed this weekend so I can get back on track with uploading some of my own original pieces. :) Thanks for reading!

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