Tron Legacy

I am very excited for the new Tron Legacy movie to hit theaters this Friday! In celebration I thought I would take some fun photos of me portraying Quorra! I think she is one of my favorite characters. Comment below and tell me which character is your favorite?

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I had to add this random picture of my model's shoes. lol They were sparkly!


A Grimm Photoshoot

Listen to the soothing music while you look through the photographs. :)

The brother's Grimm were from Germany. They compiled a book of fairy tales for children to enjoy while learning German heritage. I like many of the Grimm's fairy tales including snow white, cinderella, rapunzel, little red riding hood, and many more!

The style of the photo set was inspired by the brother Grimm's mystical tales. I wanted to give the photos a mysterious yet beautiful feeling to them. (emotive portraits)
The model, Kirsten, was very professional! She is so pretty and really gave my photos that Grimm feeling. :)

This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken and edited.

I plan in the future creating photo sets based on some of the Grimm brother's tales. :) If you haven't already checked out my Emily Dickinson photo sets please do!
The End